As I came out of the gym tonight I watched a guy throw some paper on the ground.  It wasn’t much, but it made me so mad.  I walked over to him and loudly asked if he was going to leave it there.  He said it was on the stop of his car and he didn’t want it in his car.  I said “fine”, grabbed it, walked 5 feet to a trash can and tossed it.

I probably would have made more impact by having a conversation, but my reaction was too strong to let me think about how to have the biggest effect.

Makes me wonder.  I don’t know that yelling at someone is going to make someone change their behavior.  I guess it could also get you shot here in Florida where a lot of people carry guns.

I should have taken his picture.

What would you do?


2 thoughts on “Litterbugs

  1. ” I definitely would have made a bigger deal about how easy it was to walk to the trash can”
    That’s a good point. On thinking about it later, I think maybe telling him that I had spent a few hours after the big storm cleaning our beach from trash that people have thrown in the water and how upset watching him deliberately litter made me. Overall, I think engagement and raising people’s awareness will be a much more effective approach than anger.
    Thanks for the comment.

  2. Not being an Eagle Scout like you, I probably would have kicked his butt. OK, so not really as he definitely would not have been worth the effort. I definitely would have made a bigger deal about how easy it was to walk to the trash can, or to point out that he could have put it on the floor of his car until he got home and threw it away. Then again, somebody so ignorant probably is unable to comprehend such simple concepts.

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