Sunfish Trim redo

I found this link with directions on how to redo the trim on a sunfish.  I think I need to remove the trim in order to do a good job on repainting it.  Besides, It looks like it could use reconditioning anyway.  HOWEVER.  It says you need 6 to 7 pieces of 5 foot trim at $25 each.  I’m not sure I want to spend $175 bucks on just the trim.  But if I go to the trouble of redoing the paint and all the hardware, it’s going to look bad to have old trim on a new looking boat.  Now ordinarily I don’t care what things look like, especially if it’s for what other people think.  In this case, I’m going to be doing it for me, so in this case the final looks count.

Am I taking this too far?  Should I just sand off what gelcoat I need to, paint what I can reach, and go sailing?

There is a good chance that I’ll have this boat a long, long time.

Projected cost:

$175 – 7 lengths of trim
$ ?? – rivets
$ ?? – rivet tool


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