Sunfish cockpit bailer removal – suggestions?

Here is the cockpit bailer. It looks like it’s been fiberglass-ed in.  It also looks like it is made out of metal.  I thought the round circle might be just dirt, and it did chip out a bit, but it is pretty solid and hard.  I don’t think I can use it for draining the cockpit.  It looks like I need to remove the current plug and replace it.

I tried using  a hammer and pry bar to chip at that goopy looking stuff holding it in, but it didn’t seem to make a dent.  I also put some vise grips on there and tried to unscrew and it wouldn’t budge.

sunfish drain plug needs replacement

sunfish drain plug needs replacement

How am I going to get this off without damaging the boat?  Any suggestions?

Here is a parts diagram from  They sell it for $46 but they’re sold out at the moment.

Intensity sails (thanks My2Fish) has it for $34.99.


4 thoughts on “Sunfish cockpit bailer removal – suggestions?

  1. Don’t remove it – do a complete job of fiberglassing/rubberizing it in place, and install a new one! I think that would be easiest and probably take the least amount of time/effort.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Tink. It would definitely be easier, but if I go to the trouble of redoing the whole boat, I don’t think it would look that pretty to leave it. I’ll put this in my “Plan B” file.

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