Tropical Storm Debby

Not much sailing or rehabbing going on.  Just a lot of rain and some flooding.  On my drive to work this morning on the Howard Franklin Bridge over Tampa Bay the waves were crashing against the barrier and splashing across the road.  I heard from someone at work that came in about an hour and a half later than me that as he came across the bridge the spray was going across 3 lanes and his car got soaked in salt water.  Glad I missed that, I’d rather not have my 12 year old truck rusting any quicker than it has too!

My pretty little beach here at Boca Ciega Bay is being washed away!  Look at the erosion at the bottom of the picture.  By the way, if you can’t see this entire picture, your monitor is too small!  (Now I have to take that back, it’s fine in edit mode, but when I publish it doesn’t use the whole screen.  Sorry, I guess I will go back to smaller pictures)

2012-06-25 19.19.21 My beach being washed away

2012-06-25 19.19.21 My beach being washed away

Sunday I went down to the Tampa SkyWay bridge and checked out what was happening.  When I got there I was told they had closed the bridge due to high winds.  That is really unfortunate for people that need to get across.  It’s a detour of an hour and a half instead of a 15 minute drive across the bridge.

2012-06-24 17.58.48 Skyway bridge closed

2012-06-24 17.58.48 Skyway bridge closed

While I was there, a cruise ship came out of the mist and went right under.  This is in about 25 mph winds.  It was kind of mysterious the way it appeared out of the mist and then just slipped right under the bridge.  From the perspective it looks like it barely fit.

2012-06-24 18.18.20 Cruise ship under Tampa Bay Skyway bridge

2012-06-24 18.18.20 Cruise ship under Tampa Bay Skyway bridge

I took a video of it too. This is CapnRehab’s first venture into video. (Just practicing for when I get my GoPro)


9 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Debby

  1. I don’t know if the cruise line wouldn’t endanger the passnegers…depends on who the captain is….I would believe the bridge authorites wouldn’t….

    • I see many parallels in the obsessiveness that runs through the CapnRehab family. (sailing, horses, golf, bridge, science fiction conventions, writing) We all apparently bring the same level of craziness to whatever we’re doing!

  2. This storm is pounding us over here on the East coast too. It’s really putting a damper on the projects getting done. Speaking of, when are you coming back over for a visit? C says that she’ll fix you a home cook supper!

    • I’ve seen your posts, you’re getting some things done – at least the table is looking pretty good. However, I’m not doing so well on my projects , have had too much sailing! (is that possible?) In today’s post (6/26/12), I’m showing the minimal progress I’ve made on my sunfish.

    • The video is shaking so much because the wind was blowing hard enough that I couldn’t hold the phone steady. I wasn’t sure it would make it but I guess it’s something of an optical illusion. I don’t think they bridge authorities would let the cruise ship endanger the bridge, and I’m pretty sure the cruise line wouldn’t want to endanger the passengers. Still, looks a little iffy doesn’t it?

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