Star Spangled Sailabration in Baltimore’s inner harbor!

I got some negative feedback on the larger format pictures, so unless I hear a lot of good feedback, I’m going back to the smaller format.

This past weekend I was at the inner harbor in Baltimore enjoying the 200th anniversary of the war of 1812.  They called it the Sailabration.

Many large sailing ships came from all over the world.  We waited in line to go on one, the ship from Mexico.

Ecuadorian cadets stand on the yardarms of the Guayas tall ship as it departs Baltimore on Tuesday.

We didn’t get to see it in action like this, but we did go on the ship.  I had a great talk with one of the young officers.  He was fresh out of their naval academy and said he signed on for a 7 month to 1 year tour with the ship.  They are heading to Spain and he said it was supposed to take them 24 days.  Wow, that would be great to add to your life experiences!

2012-06-16 mexican sailing ship "Cuauhtemoc"

2012-06-16 mexican sailing ship “Cuauhtemoc”

While we were on it the blue angels gave a flying demonstration over the fort.

The main air show was some distance away from us, but I think the pilots made an effort to fly over the harbor after they made their passes over the fort.  I love the sound of jets!

Mr & Mrs CapnRehab

Mr & Mrs CapnRehab

It was a madhouse of people, but it was still fun.  Our lack of patience for waiting in line meant we only got to go on the one ship, but is was fun seeing the others.  We took a water taxi ride (which was great!) that gave us close up views of lots of other ships.

2012-06-16 US Ship "Constellation"

2012-06-16 US Ship “Constellation”

Not exactly a sailing ship, but the japan coast guard put in an appearance too.

2012-06-16 Japan Coast Guard

2012-06-16 Japan Coast Guard

I found this cool video of the ships leaving port.


5 thoughts on “Star Spangled Sailabration in Baltimore’s inner harbor!

      • yeah, it wasn’t too far to drive, but I had a scheduling conflict so couldn’t fit it in.

        I think some type of Tall Ships event will be in Michigan for 2013, so I don’t have to wait too long!

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