More sailing, more racing.

I’m going to skip over what happened this weekend (which was cool) (mom, please email me the pictures you took)and skip straight to sailing/racing I did over the past 3 days.  It was tough, but I went without sailing from last Thursday till this past Tuesday.

On Tuesday I had planned to go to BCYC’s Tuesday night one design racing, but once again super low tides killed the race.  These boats have a pretty deep keel and they need 3 or 4 feet of water to float.  If the tide is low, there isn’t enough water for the boats to get back to the hoist.  Fortunately, my new BCYC friend Celeste has her own boat.  Note: She is also a captain, and can charter and deliver boats.  Her website is  Anyway, her boat is also a Catalina Capri 16.5, but it doesn’t have a big long fixed keel sticking down in the water.  Instead, it has a centerboard that can be pulled up so it draws next to nothing and can float in very shallow water.

In addition to the tide being low, the wind was pretty high.  It was blowing about 15 mph and gusting higher than that.  We spent the time on the water being blown up on our side so that we had to lean way out to balance, and then the wind would drop, the boat would flatten out, and we’d have to lean back in.  Very similar to a yo yo.   This is the big disadvantage of having a centerboard.  Without the big heavy keel pulling down the bottom of the boat, it has a tendency to go WAY over.  Fortunately for us, my skill (modest blush) is improving and I kept us vertical for the entire outing.  With the wind blowing as hard as it did, I’m sure we would have had trouble righting it if we had gone over.

Again, little boat and no GoPro waterproof camera, so no action shots.  I think I’ll keep mentioning them till they decide to sponsor me.

Skip ahead to tonight.  I went again to the Davis Island Yacht Club and crewed on “Long Gone”.  A 42′ boat sure makes for a different sail experience than those 16′ boats at BCYC.  Tonight’s course was a clockwise course starting out upwind and forcing to (Gasp) make a tack before we could round the first mark.  Then it was a broad reach to the next mark, turn right to go downwind, and then one more right turn for a beam reach to the finish mark.  It was great being out on the boat.  I even got to help put up the jib pole that helped us go wing and wing.  (wing & wing is where your main sail is on one side, your front sail is on the other, and you’re heading down wind.)  Total sail time was about an hour.  My phone battery was pretty much gone, but I did manage to snap a few shots.

I’m trying WordPress’es large photo format.  You guys tell me if you prefer the smaller photos.  If you have trouble seeing the whole picture, you should be able to hold your control key down and scroll your mouse wheel forward to make them smaller.

I think this’ guy’s name was Nick.  That is downtown Tampa in the  background.

Here boats are churning about, waiting for the start.

There is a stunt plane just coming from behind the sail.  The Captain/owner is wearing the baseball cap.  Very nice guy.

A picture of both the stunt plane and a sailboat preparing to start.

There sure are a lot of boats getting ready to race!


Last shot, no more juice in the camera.

Later in the race, a big freighter came out of the harbor.   We were going downwind, and the freighter blew past us pretty fast.  It was too far away for us to experience the wake, but it still looked big.  Someone said there were dolphins jumping in its bow wake, but I never saw them.

Wow, I sure do like sailing!

I have made a little progress on the sunfish, I hope to post on it tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “More sailing, more racing.

  1. I discovered that I could click on the picture and it would get bigger and I could then see ALL of the picture. Then I could hit the back arrow to go back to the post and the other pictures.

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