Four straight days of sailing – shooting for six!

I wrote this up last Wednesday (a week ago) and thought I had published it, but instead it was saved as a draft.  Sorry….

I’ve told you about the dingy races we did so well in on Saturday.  And about going out on the big boat Sunday.   Yesterday (Monday) my crew Emily and I went out to practice for the Tuesday night club One Design races today.

Mrs. CapnRehab is a horse nut as much as CapnRehab is a sailing nut.  Her riding coach has told her to be working on a goal EVERY time she gets on a horse.  I stole that idea to apply to sailing, so every time I go out, I have something I’m going to work on.  This time we focused on improving Emily’s ability to pop the jib line out of the cleat in order to bring the jib to the other side of the boat when we tack.  This is crucial to executing a clean turn and heading off in our new direction.  (Now I know you land lubbers are already saying, huh?)

To report on my fourth straight day of sailing I’ll say we did OK.  Out of 5 races with  4 boats we came in 3, 2, 1, 2, 2.  Pretty respectable, as two other boats had great sailors as captains.  I think they mess with  each other, and I get to slip in there second sometimes.  I’m ok with that.  At some point they’ll start picking on me.  I know that.

Today’s sail was in pretty light air


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