Boating Safety Class #11 – FINAL CLASS – Knots

Finally done with  Coast Guard Auxiliary boating safety class.

U S Coast Guard Auxiliary

U S Coast Guard Auxiliary

Got a certificate and am eligible for the Florida Boaters Safety card.  (Although I’m old enough to not need one)  I think they did a great job and I appreciate their time and effort.  Some classes were tedious, but I learned something in (almost) every class.  Except that navigation class – ugh.

Tonight’s class covered types of ropes, terminology and knot practice.  Having taught knots to many young boy scouts meant I was free to help other students learn the knots, but I did learn one bend (i.e. knot that connects two dissimilar objects) that I think will come in handy.  It’s called an “anchor bend”.  It looks like this:

Anchor Bend

Anchor Bend

And here is how you tie it.

Anchor Bend instructions

Anchor Bend instructions

Yay, I have Wednesday nights free to sail now!  I’m hoping Saturday is going to get some Sunfish repair time.  And I’m told the West Marine store here is having a going out of business sale.


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