Boating safety class #10 – Powering your boat

Argh!  I thought we were doing knots tonight!  Nope.  It was all about engines.  Never mind that in almost every other class they’ve talked about engines – Especially during the “Handling your boat” section.

It was mentioned that most larger sailboats go with diesel engines.  Diesel are safer and more reliable than gasoline engines, but they weigh more.  Sailboats can handle the heavier engines and reliability is very important when you’re cruising long distances and have only 1 engine.

Unfortunately most of the class was about engines on power boats.  Boat engines fall into 3 categories – Inboards, Inboard/Outboard, and outboard.

boat motor-inboard

boat motor-inboard


boat motor - inboard outboard

boat motor – inboard outboard


boat motor - outboard

boat motor – outboard

Technically, there is a fourth – Water Jet.  One place those are used in is jetskis, but you don’t need a picture of that do you? Well, ok…

boat motor - water jet

boat motor – water jet

Just for fun, here is a picture of my outboard.

motor stand number two

My Outboard motor

Only one more boating safety class to go.  Knots!


4 thoughts on “Boating safety class #10 – Powering your boat

  1. ok…so mom and I are on the same wavelength….BUT….are all sailng classes like this….learn about whatever the instructor feels like a the time??

    • This class is very structured. Has a book and follows the chapters. It’s actually a good class. The instructors switch out based on their experience (or interest or they drew the short straw). On this one class this one instructor wasn’t very good.

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