Sunfish comes to its new home

I brought the last bit of sunfish home yesterday.  As all you loyal readers know, I don’t have the trailer finished so I couldn’t use it to carry the sunfish home.  I had a suspicion that I could bring it home in my truck, but wasn’t exactly sure.  The sunfish is 12 1/2 feet long, and my truck bed is 8 feet long.  Here is a case where I wish I still had a tailgate.  That extra 2 1/2 feet would have made a big difference.  My son Alex and I loaded it up and I started strapping it down.  I used a combination of straps and rope.

Here is a great little knot that is extremely useful.  Some people call it a trucker’s loop.  You simplyou start tying down your load and when you get to a point that you want to pull the rope tight, you make a loop in the rope, go around whatever you are tying, come back to the rope and pull it tight.  Finish it off with a double half hitch.  It really get the load snugged down tight.

truckers loop and double half hitch
truckers loop and double half hitch

By the time we were through,  It looked like this.

All tied down
All tied down

You might think “That doesn’t look so bad.  Looks like it fits in the truck just fine”.  Take a look from the side.  That’s 4 1/2 feet of boat sticking out the back.

boat sticks out 5 1/2 feet
boat sticks out 4 1/2 feet

You may not think it’s on there very tight, but it is.  That boat isn’t coming off the truck unless I want it to.  Just to be sure, we ran a little test.

swinging on the boat
swinging on the boat

Seems sturdy enough.

Good thing too, because in the world out there we are surrounded by idiots.  Not 1 minute after I got on the road, I had to go through a bumpy construction zone.  I went really slow but we still hit a lot of bumps hard.  I was pretty confident in my tie-down job, but you never know what can happen when you’re bouncing all over the place.

Don’t you think the best place to drive your tiny little smart car would be tailgating behind a pickup truck carrying an odd sized load where the part hanging out the back longer is longer than your car?   Just because the next lane is completely clear is no reason to switch over and pass.  It’s really best to come right up behind the truck and follow till we get to the road she’s turning right on.  1 MILE UP THE ROAD!  That’s what this woman thought.

dumb smart car
dumb smart car

Please be careful out there folks,these are the kinds of people you are sharing the road with.


4 thoughts on “Sunfish comes to its new home

  1. Thanks for the pictures! You are giving me confidence -I am picking up one tomorrow with a pickup…I have a tailgate…so I will have a little more support…I don’t have eyebolts on the back like you do though so I will need to find another way to tie it!

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