Boating Safety class #9 Boating Safety & Florida Safe Boater Certificate

It’s a little odd that a chapter in the boating safety class is called “boating safety” isn’t it.  Guess what it was about?  What every class is about.  Boating safety!

There was talk of center of gravity in boats, how small boats can tip over if you don’t balance yourself in them.  There was a hypothermia discussion.  Did you know that you can get hypothermia even in warm water?  It just takes longer.  Your body at 98.6 degrees is losing heat to the water all the time.

There was also a life jacket fashion show.  Nowadays the fashion rage is to wear self inflating life vests.  They are becoming more affordable ($80 plus range) and don’t get in the way of your activities as much.

self inflating pfd

self inflating PFD

and with an easy tug on the cord or immersion in water you get POOF

self inflating PFD - inflated

self inflating PFD – inflated

Life saving luxuriousness!

This is more like what my instructors look like though

self inflating pfd - actual

self inflating pfd – actual

I also took the test for the Florida Safe Boating course.  Exactly the same stuff as the Maryland Safe Boater course.  I will get another safety wall decoration.

Only 3 more weeks to completion!  Ahead are Navigation, Powering your boat, and Knots.

You would think I wouldn’t be interested in the “Powering your boat” chapter, but I looked ahead and there is a section on winterizing your outboard motor.  All of my loyal readers will remember what a hard time I had last winter finding someone to teach me how to do it.


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