Racing Sunfish

Before I go into the race report, I want to welcome my visitor from Taiwan.  I can’t imagine how you found my blog, but I want to thank you for reading as much of my blog as you did before you realized you got here by mistake and clicked away.  If by chance you really meant to come here, then WELCOME!

Now, On to the race report.  This tuesday racing at BCYC was impacted by the super moon we had, and not in a good way.  People with more on the ball than I have realized that we could take the Catalina’s out but that by the time the race was over, the extreme tides created by the closer-than-usual moon would mean that there wouldn’t be enough water to bring the boats close enough to the dock to pick them up with the hoist.  They were ready to cancel completely till I (strongly) urged that we race in Sunfish.  It didn’t really matter how low the tide was, we could drag the sunfish out.

I convinced 3 other boats to go out and race against me.  One was a guy who has a lot of experience.  The second boat was a couple where the guy had  a lot of experience.  The last boat was a novice racer.    Our usual race captain did not go, so I inherited the roll of whistle blower to start the races.

One very important thing about racing is the start.  The person starting the race blows a whistle 3 times at 3 minutes still start, twice at 2 minutes, once at 1 minute, and one last time at start.  If you have a watch with a second timer you can have a better idea of when the start is going to be.  Being late to the start can give you a serious disadvantage in the race, so it’s important to get there at the right time.  So last weekend I went to my favorite place to get cheap foreign goods – Walmart.   I got a watch with a stopwatch feature for $12.

race watch

race watch

You might notice that the watch is exceptionally rather large.  I have to admit to a problem that’s been steadily getting worse for me over the last 5 years or so.  My eyesight is diminishing.  I have CSS syndrome up close.  So I had to get a big watch I could see without glasses.  It works, but sometimes I have to squint and see out of one eye.

Another unfortunate thing was that although I had the watch and actually controlled the start of the race, I never seemed to get to the starting line on time!  There is so much to learn.

Despite all that I had a great time.  Out of 5 races I actually won one of them, and came in second for 3 of them.  The second to the last race was a nailbiter where I crossed the finish seconds behind the first place boat.

I hear that some people who race sailboats start only caring about the win.  I swear that won’t be me.  Anyone that’s played board games with me knows I want to win, but if I don’t it’s no big deal – I’ll just beat you next time.

As a treat, here is a picture of a sunset over Boca Ciega Bay.

2012-05-05 Boca Ciega Sunset

2012-05-05 Boca Ciega Sunset


6 thoughts on “Racing Sunfish

  1. I was just fixin to say Alison….
    speak for yourself….there is no such thing as concede…hello?????

    • OK, the truth is out. Competition in the CapnRehab family runs pretty stiff. That streak is deep and wide. Concede really isn’t in our vocabulary is it? Alison, are you feeling sick?

  2. A Capn Rehab family member having a competitive streak?? Is that possible? I will concede that if we were to race Sunfish you WOULD be the winner.

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