Creating your life

Apparently, lessons in sailing can relate right back to life lessons.

I’ve taken the sunfish out two more times since that first experience.  The second time I went out in the sunfish I googled how to rig it.  I never found a simple video, but I did find this My2Fish blog page that had some links to PDF’s that helped.

So I rigged the sailboat up (if not properly, then at least functionally) and cruised out.  The weather was warm and sunny with a brisk breeze blowing out of the west.  I didn’t sail with much of a purpose other than to get familiar with the boat.  I just went back and forth on some long reaches (90 degrees to the wind).

At one point I was zipping along and leaned way back, skimming my hand along in the water.  I reveled in how good the water felt, how warm and inviting it was.  I thought how great it would be to go swimming.  Within 5 minutes of that thought I capsized the boat and went for a forced swim.

Sunfish capsize

Sunfish capsize – not me

I would never have done it on purpose at this early stage of my sailing career.  The last time I capsized in a small sailboat was about 10 years ago at my son’s boy scout camp.  Theoretically I knew I had nothing to worry about, but still – I was alone out in the middle of the bay, about 98% sure I could right it, but still there was that lingering 2% of doubt.  Wow, doubt is such a killer!  Doesn’t take much and it can really spoil your attitude.

sunfish capsize recovery

sunfish capsize recovery

So instead of enjoying the dip in the water that I obviously wanted bad enough to subconciously dump the boat, I rushed around and went through the process of righting the boat.  It sure gave me a shot of adrenaline (not quite fear – let’s call it a bit of anxiety) In all, I was probably in the water about 30 seconds – maybe.

sunfish capsize recovery final

sunfish capsize recovery final

So, I guess another milestone has been conquered.  Again, not really a major victory – but still a victory.

Lately, I’ve noticed several instances where I thought or voiced a situation I didn’t want and very shortly was in that situation.  For instance I just took a plane trip.  I was talking about the trip to Mrs. CapnRehab, and mentioned I wanted to make sure I didn’t get stuck in a seat with a person that filled their seat and took part of mine.  Guess what.  Within a few hours I endured a 2 1/2 hour plane flight with a guy that occupied a third of my seat.

I believe we do have the power to create our lives by what we focus our mental energy on.  If I could get better at staying focused on what I want I think I would be a lot happier.

Starting small, here is are two things I want.  A kite board and a waterproof GoPro  camera.

Instructions for building the board are at   That just may be on CapnRehab’s blog in the future!  Maybe I should go ahead and build the board with the expectation of getting the kite rig?  Sort of like Kevin Costner in field of dreams.  What do you think?

Maybe I should finish the sunfish rehab first.



3 thoughts on “Creating your life

  1. glad you were able to right the boat okay! I had one really bad day – I had just sailed into the beach to pick up my oldest son (maybe 8 or 9 yrs old at the time). I had picked a bad spot to land at the beach, as sailing back out, the wind was forcing me to sail a reach straight along the beach, or risk being pushed sideways into the swimming area (full of people).

    we flipped I think 3 or 4 times before we got sailing – including a full turtle of the boat, with the mast stuck down in the seaweed and muck at the bottom of the lake. my son luckily didn’t seem to mind the extra swimming, and we survived.

    I highly recommend the GoPro camera – I LOVE mine. I’m pretty tempted to upgrade to the HD Hero 2, though!

    • Sounds like it was a fun day. I’ve scheduled tomorrow to go out with other club members and practice capsize recovery. Some of them are afraid to capsize, and fear can really attack your ability to do anything.

      Wish I had a GoPro camera to film it. Should be funny… er, I mean interesting!

  2. My favorite life coach person is Mike Dooley His favorite quote is “Thoughts are things, choose the good ones”. I try to work from that principal and it’s worked often enough to keep trying.

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