First time in a Sunfish Sailboat

This is a catch up post, this happened Thursday two weeks ago.

I found out at club work day that the Boca Ciega Yacht Club (BCYC) has about 10 sunfish sailboats.   In the picture below the small boat beach is in the middle left.

Boca Ciega Birds Eye View

Boca Ciega Birds Eye View

Any club member can use them, and since they are one person boats I won’t need to find someone to go with. I was shown the shed with all the gear.  The club member showing me was kind enough to point out all the gear needed. No time for a tutorial, but at least I knew all the parts.

Fast forward to last Thursday after work. I’m heading home, driving down I-275 and realize there might be enough time to go check out the sunfish. By the time I got home, I guessed there was about 1 1/2 hours before sunset. I wanted to go, but was feeling hesitant about trying something so new and different completely on my own. Yes, there was just a little bit of fear hiding in those justifications I was making to myself that “there really isn’t enough time” and “I don’t really know what to do”. I finally said to heck with it and just went.

I went down to the club, pulled the gear out of the shed, loaded the boat on a dolly, rolled it down to the beach, rigged it up as best I could figure out.  Next time I’ll check out Google before I go.
This is a picture of the rigging that has to be put on: (Sorry it’s not a very good picture)

sunfish parts

sunfish parts

I headed out but immediately turned around when I realized I didn’t have the mainsheet feeding through the pulleys correctly. (That’s the line in the picture that goes diagonally up from the back of the boat to the bottom of the sail then forward along the bottom of the sail and back down again to a little round black circle.  Once I got that fixed I headed out again, only to realize I didn’t have the rudder under the main traveler. (I’ll have to take a picture of this, no way am I going to describe it clearly)  Back to the beach one more time and then it was about 20 minutes of tooling back and forth in the little inlet.   I didn’t go far because by this time the sun was hitting the horizon.  The whole thing was to prove the concept.  Could I set it up and go out by myself?  Apparently the answer is yes.

It was a real victory over the unknown to get out there and just go for it.  I think there is lots of stuff like that in life.  You might want to do something and think you MIGHT be able to do it, but a little bit of fear is in there too.  Sometimes you just have to risk it and go for it.  The victory over the first time out in a sunfish might seem little, but it could be big too.  Overcoming fears and doubts can be just as much a habit as plopping down and watching TV.  It’s your choice.  What is it that you’ve always wanted to do but were afraid of doing?  Can you bite off a small chunk and go get yourself a victory?  Go for it!


5 thoughts on “First time in a Sunfish Sailboat

  1. My brother is the “feel the fear and do it anyway” poster child. Is it any wonder you’re my hero.

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