Boating Safety Class #7 & 8 Aids to Navigation & Rules of the Road

First of all, sorry about the delay in posting.  It’s been a very hectic time around CapnRehab and I have lots to post about.  I hope to catch up this weekend.

Class #7 Aids to Navigation was all about road signs on the water.  Just remember –

Even Red Nuns have Odd Green Cans.

Red Nun Buoy

Red Nun Buoy


Green Can Buoy


Class Number 8 – Rules of the road.

Red Right Returning means that as you return to port, you will see red buoys on your right.  That leaves the green can buoys on your left.  If you’re leaving port they will be switched.  The numbers are significant because they will indicate a specific buoy on your chart.  (You do have a chart don’t you?)  I thought I had a map, but I didn’t – it was a chart.


Rules of the road are :




has priority over this:



Also, everyone has the responsibility to avoid a collision.  There is no right of way, there is just what you should do based on what the other person should do.  If they don’t do what they are supposed to do, then you should change what you’re doing to avoid the collision.  You don’t want to end up like this:

freighter sailboat collision

freighter sailboat collision


No one was killed in this incident, but two were seriously hurt.  Additionally, it will probably be almost 100% the sailboat’s fault.  That will mean the captain could be responsible for 100’s of thousands of dollars in damages. (for example, if the big ship ran aground while trying to avoid the sailboat, lost time, etc. etc.  <Laywers will have a field day here>)



2 thoughts on “Boating Safety Class #7 & 8 Aids to Navigation & Rules of the Road

  1. Who wouldn’t know big boat has priority over little boat….kinda scary you have to tell people…..sorry you’re having hectic time at non-sailboating activity….me too though….lots of non-golfing activity for me 😦

    • Thanks C! Apparently common sense isn’t all that common.

      Just heard today that the mandatory overtime is over. However we still have impossible deadlines to meet, so I’m not sure how to do that without working overtime. hmm….

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