I’d sail with you any day – Tuesday racing at BCYC

“I’d sail with you any day” was what the captain of my boat said today after the races.

Then Steve C. said, “I told you he was a good sailor”.

Wow, make my head swell guys.

As you might be able to tell, it was a good day at the Tuesday BCYC one design races.  This time my boat captain was Julie.  She hadn’t raced in a while, but still very competent at the helm.  I don’t recall the specifics, but out of about 6 races we were last two or three times, second twice, and we actually won the last race.  Not bad.

I drove the boat (manned the tiller) for two or 3 races and did pretty good.  Unfortunately, I don’t have total recall of what happened and can’t give you an accurate account.  I do know that I get so into the sailing that everything else drops away and nothing is left but : Which way is the wind blowing?  Where is the marker buoy?  Shere are the other boats?  Where is the turn marker?  Pull on the jib.  Head more upwind, etc. etc…. Boy that sure is fun.

Then afterwards it’s back to the clubhouse for a shared dinner and drinks.  Sailing conversations about body weight positioning, how to sail a sunfish like I have, big boat races they’ve been on.   They don’t mind when I stop the conversation and ask for a clarification of what they just said.  REALLY great folks!

There is a chance that next week I’ll be sailing one of the club’s sunfish sailboats to practice for when I get mine repaired.

Here are a few pics of us putting the boats in the water.  The club has a monster boat lift that lets us pick up the boats off the trailers and drop them right in the water.

The boat lift

The boat lift

Coming off the trailer

Coming off the trailer

Boat ready to be lowered in the water

Boat ready to be lowered in the water


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