Boating Safety Class #5 – Trailering your boat

Last night it was back to the US Coast Guard Auxiliary for another rousing classroom session on boating safety.  I wasn’t all that interested, but still manage to pay attention.  A few things really caught my attention.

TRAILER CHAINS – exciting subject huh?  I have a question for you.  You’ve probablyseen trailer safety chains.  Is it important if they are cross hooked or not?

safety chain crossed

With a little bit of thought you can figure it out.  If they are crossed and the hitch comes off the ball, the hitch will fall down and be caught by the chains that are under it.   If they are not crossed, the hitch will fall straight to the pavement. ( I did not know this)

SAFETY TIP: Cross hook your trailer chains.

DRIVING YOUR BOAT ONTO YOUR TRAILER: You should not motor your boat onto your trailer.  The propeller kicks up sand and dirt at the end of the ramp and eventually if enough people do it will leave big holes at the end of the ramp.  This means someone backing a trailer down can have the wheels of the trailer drop into the holes and become stuck.  I had heard this before, but after class I was outside the building and watched someone at the ramp power their boat all the way on their trailer.  No concern for property or other people.  (or maybe they are ignorant and haven’t had a boating safety class)  Ugh.

LAUNCHING YOUR BOAT FROM THE TRAILER:  Make sure  you put the boaty thing in the water, not the cary thing.

trailer boat launch fail

trailer boat launch fail


MATCH THE BALL SIZE WITH THE HITCH SIZE:  A ball that is too small can come out of the socket.  This person is glad they matched the proper sized ball with the hitch.

trailer accident

trailer accident