Tuesday Racing at BCYC

Today after work I zoomed over to the club to get there in time for the first session of Tuesday racing.  9 sailors, 4 boats and a good stiff breeze.   No pictures because I still don’t have a waterproof camera.  (And no plans for one in the near future either. )

The course was laid out with an anchored boat as the base, a marker nearby to indicate a starting line, and another marker far to windward.  The races were straight into the wind, and then straight downwind.

BCYC Race Course

BCYC Race Course


I was crew on a boat with Mark as the captain.  He knew is stuff alright.   We raced 6 times and came in first all 6 times.  Not that winning really matters, (yes it does) – well, not really- OK, some.  I worked the jib (front sail) and had to bring it to the other side of the boat every time we tacked (turned across the wind)

Afterwards most of the racers stayed to have dinner,drinks and to socialize.  For some reason they mostly talked about boats.

An interesting note is that the race boats are stored on trailers out of the water.  The club has a huge lift that plucks the boats right out of the water and sets them on the trailers.  I’ll see if I can get some pics of that next time.

I’m pooped. Goodnight.


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