Boat School tag along and being checked out on boat handling!

Sunday I cruised over to BCYC to see if I could tag along with the boat school folks.  At first it looked like they would be full, but there was 1 spot open and they said I could go along.  (1 experienced boat captain and 2 students per boat) It was the final day of boat school, and the students were being tested to see if they could take out a boat on their own.    Test consisted of tacking, jibing, beating upwind, going downwind, man overboard and docking.   We both passed, so now I am qualified to take it out with me as the captain.  These boats are designed so that they really need two people to operate, so I’ll still be looking for people to go with – but they don’t have to be club members.  Also, I still can’t go as captain until I’m a full member.

No pictures of sailing, but I did go home and watch a sunset with some Zataran’s jambalaya and a cold Michelob Ultra.  This one was cloudy with no red at all.  I bet tomorrow’s weather won’t be that great.

2012-03-31 Cloudy sunset

2012-03-31 Cloudy sunset

Before sunset I took my fins, snorkel and swim goggles and went for a little swim.  Unfortunately, like most of the gulf, the water is muddy and visibility was about 4 inches.  I don’t think I’ll be doing that again.  Snorkeling will have to wait till I get back to the Caribbean.

Last little detail – I got stung by something  in the grass as I came in from snorkeling.  My big toe is swollen a little, but it won’t impact sailing any.  I probably stepped on a bee.

Safety tip – wear foot protection when walking in grass in the spring.


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