Friday Sail and Watching Kiteboarders

Thursday after work I went to the club but couldn’t find anybody that wanted to sail.  Steve C. said he would if I couldn’t find anybody else, but he didn’t seem to really want to go so I just decided to go home.

Friday after work I called up Steve C. at BCYC and lo and behold he was available to sail.  So we had a great sail in the evening breeze.  It usually kicks up a bit here near sunset.  The sail wasn’t that long because just before we went out another member offered to take me out on his bigger boat but since he was waiting for his wife to arrive he wasn’t leaving for about 45 minutes.  Steve and I scooted out, zipped around a bit and came right back in.  While we were out there we tried another heave to.  It seemed to be OK, but I don’t think I truly understand it yet.  On the way back in we turned downwind and sailed wind and wing, with the wind behind us and the jib (front sail) out to the left and the mainsail (the big one) out to the right.

example wing and wing - not us

example wing and wing - not us

Sailing Lesson Learned: Steve said that when I am preparing to change course, I should pick a landmark and turn to that point so I don’t wander all over the place.  I suppose when you’re out on the sea with no landmarks, you should pick a compass heading.

Unfortunately, once I got back the guy with the bigger boat had changed plans and they weren’t going out.  I didn’t want to go home.  The breeze was still blowing pretty hard and it wasn’t dark yet, so I headed over to the Tampa Bay Skyway bridge

tampa bay bridge kiteboarders - not my picture

tampa bay bridge kiteboarders - not my picture

to see if there were any Kiteboarders.


kiteboarder I saw at Tampa Bay Skyway Bridge

As I pulled up most were leaving, but there was one guy still zipping back and forth.  I chatted with some folks that were packing up and they said they were new to the sport but really loved it.  They said it was important to get lessons, but not many people were teaching because of lawsuits.  I talked to the guy when he came in, and he had been doing it a year and a half and that it was a blast.  Someday, that will be me out there…


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