Sunday Sailing and a new boat

Wow, what a busy weekend.  I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday!

On Saturday I headed over to the boat club and prowled the docks.  I came across a nice lady washing her windows and introduced myself.  We had a very nice, very long talk – and by the end of it she offered me a Sunfish sailboat that wasn’t being used.

Sunfish sailboat (example only)

Sunfish sailboat (example only)

The one offered, of course, needs rehab.  I won’t know how much till I see it, and I hope to by next weekend. I ‘ve been told it needs tires and a sail.

Then  my lovely neighbor got me a parking spot for it in the condo where I’m at.  (For free!)  I’ll be able to sail right from the beach here.  Can’t wait!

On Sunday I headed back to the club and hung around, hoping I could catch a sailboat ride.  The boat school was scheduled to take students out and I at least wanted to see them head out.  I walked into the club room and introduced myself as I’m wont to do.  In a moment (without my prompting) I was asked if I wanted to sail!  I thought long and hard about it, and 2 milliseconds later I said yes.  A sail school student didn’t show up and there was an open spot.

The wind was blowing at about 15mph with gusts to 17.  I was told that’s the limit for the club boats to go out.  So for 3 hours we cruised back and forth across the bay.  The student practiced the manuever to circle back and pick up a man overboard.  I ran the jib sail (The little one in the front) most of the time, but I did get to man the tiller (The steering device) for part of it.  Fun, fun fun!

One thing I noticed afterwards, was that while out there, I didn’t think about any other crap going on in my life.  It was just the wind, sun, water, waves, and sailing.  It was SO relaxing.   I hope I get to do that a LOT more.

Also, tonight I finished week 3 (of 13)  in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Safe Boating course.  It was about terminology,  types of boats, and choosing the right power boat for your needs.  I think the lesson was a little lost on me.  I knew all the terms, it’s sails all the way for me, and I’m not about to buy a power boat.  Next week is boating equipment.  That should be better.

Things are looking up in the sailing department.  Job is going well too.



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