Fishing – round 2

A friend from work and I went fishing this evening near the Gulfport Marina.  It was a great evening, quite relaxing.  There is an inlet for the marina from the bay, and you can fish from the shore all along the inlet. One thing I like about the bay is that there is lots of wildlife around, especially birds.

2012-03-23 Great Blue Heron

2012-03-23 Great Blue Heron

Isn’t google wonderful?  I didn’t know before I uploaded it what kind of bird this was.

When we first got  there, we tried going on the Clam Bayou side of the inlet, but WOW, the no-see-ums were biting like crazy.  I borrowed some bug spray from another fisherman there, but it wasn’t enough.  We left pronto.

While there, I watched yet another beautiful sunset over Boca Ciaga Bay.

2012-03-23 Boca Ciega Bay Sunset

2012-03-23 Boca Ciega Bay Sunset

On the way to go fishing I stopped at Walmart and got a few things.  A bait bucket, an ice chest, beer for the ice chest and a CAST NET!  I’ve been wanting one of these for a while.  Can’t wait to use it.  Expect a post about that soon!

All I had for bait was some frozen fish pieces I kept from the last fishing adventure to Fort Desoto.  I’ve heard the fish are going for greenbacks now (Whatever they are) and live shrimp.  Not having either of those, I went with the frozen fish.  And I caught 3 fish.  I’m wondering if they were all the same catfish that kept coming back.

2012-03-23 Caught a fish!

2012-03-23 Caught a fish!

I don’t know if you can eat salt-water catfish, but I tossed all these back.

On a side note, the guy with me didn’t catch a thing – not that I’m competitive at all.



4 thoughts on “Fishing – round 2

  1. If you’re going to post about it, better learn the correct spelling of:
    Boca Ciega Bay

    And yes, Stacey is right. WE never ate the salfwater catfish, but my Daddy gave them to the folks that lived down in Main Street area of Biloxi and they did. And we always got the cats off the hook by bashing their heads in.

    • Thanks for the spelling correction mom. What are you doing using Alison’s account? Don’t I get points for correctly identifying the Great Blue Heron?

      Bashing fish heads is not very eco-friendly is it? I just removed the hooks and threw them back. It’s actually quite possible I caught the same fish 3 times!

  2. Now Brad, don’t you remember catching all those hard-head catfish (AKA: salt-water catfish) at my dad’s house when you fished there??? No, they are not a fish we eat, not one anyone I’ve ever known has eaten to my knowledge! lol! Good thing you threw them back…better luck next time! Try for flounder or white fish or red fish! They are good eats!

    • Ah! I DO remember. But that was a Loooonnnnnnnggggg time ago! I’m re-learning all this stuff from scratch now. I talk to folks fishing when I can to see what they are using and trying to catch. Eventually, I’ll catch something I can eat. :^)

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