BCYC Sailing – round two

After work I called up a member of the BCYC club and asked him to take me out sailing. He said yes!  So I high-tailed it over there, grabbed a PFD and we headed out.

It was quite an adventure just getting out of the marina.   There is almost no breeze in there because it’s so well protected.  He let me steer the boat from the get-go, soI tacked three times and wound up back where I started!  A second start with a bigger push and a little bit of paddling got us around the pier and out into the channel.

I had to tack a few more times to get out past the end of the channel and into the bay.  After that it was cruising time.

We also did a heave-to for a while.   It does sort of work, but I think we’re doing something not quite right.  I’m going to read up on it a bit.

We did a few long reaches to get to the other side of the bay, then I turned around and we sailed with the wind at our backs all the way back.   With the wind behind it didn’t seem like it was blowing very hard, but we were moving at a good clip and got across the bay in 30 minutes.

2012-03-22 CapnRehab goes Sailing

2012-03-22 CapnRehab goes Sailing

I took my phone with me in a zip lock, so was able to get this shot.

We came in before sundown.  Getting back to the slip was pretty easy.  Then I zipped home to watch another sunset.  The picture was blurry so I deleted it.

I also found out Tuesday night racing starts April 10.  You know where I’ll be.


2 thoughts on “BCYC Sailing – round two

    • Sorry about that. I don’twant to write a dictionary, but I’ll try to use regular English if I can.

      PFD – personal flotation device

      Tack – turning the boat while facing the wind, for example: first the wind is coming from the front right, turn the boat about 90 degrees to the left with the wind always coming from the front, then the wind is coming from the front left.

      Heave-To – positioning the boat so the wind, sails, and rudder are working against each other and steadying the boat. The boat then drifts downwind while disrupting any threatening wave. (we didn’t have any threatening waves. We were just practicing)

      That’s enough for now. I’ll try to work more in the future. Plus you can always google :^)

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