Kayak adventure

I went kayaking today.  Until I get a waterproof camera, I’ll not be able to post any action pictures.  I did take a picture of the kayak though.



It has a nice feature.  There is a rudder at the back of the boat that drops down into the water (it’s in the up position in the picture) and helps stabilize the direction the kayak goes.  It keeps you from doing that wobbly back and forth motion as you paddle.

I went out for a couple of hours and visited Clam Bayou right near my condo.   It turns out that Clam Bayou has LOTS of clams.  Pretty unexpected huh?

It was very peaceful.  I’m definitely going to have to go back with fishing gear.  For my first time in a Kayak I didn’t want to overload myself.  I had all sorts of worries.  Like, “If the wind starts blowing too hard, will I be able to get back?”, and “If the tide goes out and the water gets too low, will I have to walk back and drag the kayak across the mud in my bare feet?”.   It’s tough doing something new by yourself.  Fortunately, I used to teach canoeing at Boy Scout camp, so paddling was not an issue.

I floated out in the bay and watched the sun drop towards the horizon until I could see the sun was about to set.   It was a nice excursion.

2012-03-20 sunset

2012-03-20 sunset


4 thoughts on “Kayak adventure

  1. Nice sunset! Sounds like you are really enjoying the area! MD may never see you again! lol! Sure hope you get that nice sailboat one day because sailing has been one thing I’ve always wanted to do too so I plan to invite myself to go with you one day! I’ll have to tell you of my ‘sailing adventure’ in the Dominican Republic while Tom was there for a sugar convention years ago! It’s pretty funny!
    Enjoy your adventures! Life’s short, play hard! 🙂

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