I’m in a boating safety class

Last night I went to the USCG Auxiliary over in Tampa.   They offer a 13 week course on boating safety that will qualify me for a Florida Boating Safety Education ID Card.  The course is taught every week and starts over at the beginning when it gets to the last chapter.  Last night we studied weather so next week is Radio.  Topics that will be covered in the course are

  1. Choosing a boat
  2. Equipment for your boat
  3. Trailering your boat
  4. Handling your boat
  5. Navigation signs
  6. Rules of the road
  7. Inland boating
  8. Boating Safety
  9. Navigation
  10. Powering your boat
  11. lines and knots
  12. Weather
  13. Radio


As usual, I met a lot of nice folks interested in boating.  The auxiliary crew were pushing pretty hard for joining up.  I will say I’m interested but not yet, I have way too many other things to do.


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