CapnRehab goes sailing!

Yesterday CapnRehab was hanging out at Boca Ceiga Yacht Club (BCYC) hoping to find a club member to take him out sailing.  Being able to go out on his own is a complicated, not really clear and totally undocumented process – but he WILL get through it at some point.  Not being a full member yet is certainly a big disadvantage too!

Finally, a club member agreed to go and they were off for about a half hour of sailing right before sunset.

BCYC Club Sailboat - Catalina 16.5

BCYC Club Sailboat - Catalina 16.5

Note that action pictures are not available since CapnRehab didn’t take his phone with him on the water.  A GoPro Hero-2 Surf Edition camera is on the wishlist, but not in the near future.

Winds were light but variable and they had a nice sail with a few tacks, a couple of beam reaches, and even hove to for a bit to see how that worked, and then sailed back in.  The marina was situated so that with the wind coming from the west they had to sail directly into it to get back.  No problem.  They whipped out the paddles and brought her right in.  The club member said that he didn’t think CapnRehab would have any problem getting certified to take the boat out on his own.  Great news!

CapnRehab is really loving living in Saint Petersburg!

CapnRehab is also considering going back to writing in first person.  It turns out it is very difficult to write third person consistently when writing about oneself.


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