Busy Weekend Part 3 – Rehab!

The final event of the weekend was doing some sailboat rehab.  After the boat show I headed over to the boat yard to help out a BCYC couple with repairing their boat.

Boat in need of repair

Boat in need of repair


That’s their boat way in the back.  It’s only been there 3 weeks, so I was surprised that it was blocked in like that – but Phil (the owner) said that he’s already had 3 boats in and out in front of him.  I didn’t realize dock yards moved through boats that quickly.  When you consider that the yard fee for their boat is $600/month, you realize that you want to get in and out as quick as you can.

The boat is 32 feet long, but I can’t remember what kind.  I think it’s a Catalina.

The work being done now is sanding off the bottom paint, then grinding out the fiberglass where water has gotten in and soaked the fibers.  They swell up and cause “blisters”.  These have to be ground out and then re-filled with new fiberglass and epoxy.  Only sanding and grinding was going on while I was there.  Phil already did the right (or starboard) last week and we were working on the port side.  His job was sanding, and my job was grinding out the little tiny spots that were baby blisters.  It was odd to see a little speck, drill into it, and then see stuff ooze out of it.

Repair crew - Laura, Phil, Brad

Repair crew - Laura, Phil, Brad

These folks are retired and finally fullfilling their dream of owning a boat.  Yay for them.  (I’m not planning on waiting that long)

It was fun working with them, then they took me out for dinner at “The Shrimp Store”.  During Happy Hour!  Yay Happy Hour!

All in all it was a very nice weekend and helps make me think I’m doing the right thing being here.  Plus, job is going really well too.


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