Busy Weekend Part 2 – St. Pete Boat Show

So Sunday morning I scooted over to St. Pete to check out the boat show.  The St. Pete boat show is held in Tropicana stadium in the heart of St. Petersburg.  The stadium is a large landmark visible from the freeway as you come into downtown.

Tropicanna Stadium

Tropicana Stadium

Here is a sure sign that Americans are losing their grip.

Parking $5

Parking $5

My phone camera probably doesn’t show the details well, but here is a picture I took just as I pulled out of my FREE parking spot on the street right in front of the stadium.  It shows parking attendants charging $5 to go to the FREE admission boat show.  Notice there is a line of cars waiting to pay up so they don’t have to walk about 300 yards to the show entrance.  CapnRehab RUNS 3 miles when he goes out for exercise.   There is no way he is going to pay to save walking 300 yards!  (Notice here that CapnRehab is becoming comfortable with talking about himself in third person. He just may quit using first person altogether – or maybe I won’t)

There were also some nice folks from the U.S. Coast Guard auxilliary there and I found out they offer lots of safe boating courses, so I added that to my mental list of things to check out.

Inside the “boat” show, I found lots of power boats, but NOT ONE SINGLE SAILBOAT!!!!!

I think it would have been courteous of them to say it was a motor boat show and saved me a trip.

No Sailboats!

No Sailboats!

They did have several booths selling fishing supplies, so I picked up a couple of sets of hooks, and something called a Sabiki rig.  This is like a little Christmas tree of hooks and artificial bait designed to catch bait fish.

Sabiki Rig

Sabiki Rig

When I was on the fishing pier Saturday a guy told me about them and the very next day I find some on sale!  My total purchases and $$ spent at the boat show was $4 for two sets of hooks and two sabiki rigs.  I’ll keep you posted on how using the rig goes.

As a parting gift, here is a photo of another sunset on Boca Ciega Bay.  Notice the little sailboat with sails up that just went in front of the sun going from left to right.  It’s a hunter 16.5 and is one of the Boca Ciega Yacht Club boats that I expect to be sailing on soon.  Tuesday night races are supposed to start up again now that daylight savings time has started.  Enjoy!

Sunset on Boca Ciega Bay


2 thoughts on “Busy Weekend Part 2 – St. Pete Boat Show

  1. You must have seen some Four Winn boats – those are good ones that got their start in my home town!

    It’s going to be 75 here today…

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