I visit bloggers – S/V Gremlins Hammer

The second sailing blog visit I made on my way south was a stop in Titusville, FL to see the S/V Gremlin’s Hammer.

S/V Gremlin's Hammer and crew

S/V Gremlin's Hammer and crew

We met at a restaurant nearby, Kloiber’s Cobbler Eatery where I had a meatloaf sandwich.  Yum!  One of my favorite things to do is seek out local diners and I try to get what they consider their specialty dish.  If you’re ever in Titusville, try it – you’ll like it.

OK, back to Gremlin’s Hammer.  The “Hammer” is big!  It’s a 42′ steel boat.  Keep in mind the O’Day I had was only 22′.  That means their boat is only 2 feet short of being twice as long as mine.   Remember, size does matter.

The crew is a fun couple that were so fun to be with.  They made me feel welcome and showed me their home inside and out.  And it is an impressive boat.  What’s more, they rebuilt her from scratch.  That’s dedication.  I had originally offered to stay a while and help them with a project, but the timing of my trip and an appointment they had made my visit way too short for my liking.  So I didn’t get any tool time on the boat.  Maybe next time.

Thanks guys for a great visit.  If you ever get around to St. Petersburg, be sure and drop by.


2 thoughts on “I visit bloggers – S/V Gremlins Hammer

  1. hello, i just purchased S/V Gremlins hammer, has since been renamed “Steel Pulse” and would love to contact these owners if possible, I live in St pete FL. thanks

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