I visit bloggers – S/V Blue Magic – Savannah, GA

As most of you loyal readers know, I have accepted a new job (Start tomorrow!) and just left the harsh climate of Upper Marlboro, MD for the warm embrace of Tampa, FL.  On my drive down the eastern seaboard of the U.S. I happened to drive past the home ports of 3 bloggers I follow.  All three were kind enough to agree to meet up with me to show me their boats.  Unfortunately, work got in the way for one, but I did get to visit with two of them.  I’ll give the lowdown on the second in the next post.

The first blogger was Pete Zink on S/V Blue Magic.  Wow, what a nice guy!  Here I am some guy that follows him on the internet, and he takes time out to visit with me and show me his beautiful sailboat.  I met up with him on a Sunday afternoon and he showed me Blue Magic from stem to stern.  I had a lot of fun poking around.  He talked about the different projects he’s done and has planned.  Of course, I was so wrapped up in looking, I never thought once to take a picture!  Argh!!!!  I stole these from his website, which by the way is pretty interesting when he gets around to posting (HINT HINT – PETE!)



Blue Magic is a big boat with lots of sails and lots of room.  Pete went through the numbers, but I can remember only one specific detail.  In my defense I was feeling a pretty sick.  We had planned dinner but I had to call it off.  Too bad, I was really looking forward to hanging out more.  I was alright by the next morning, glad that passed quickly.

Blue Magic

Blue Magic

The specific detail I remember is that it is a “full keel”

(http://sailing.about.com/od/typesofsailboats/ss/Keelshapes.htm)  boat.  That means the keel is deep from the front of the boat all the way to the back.  This makes is more stable but at the cost of manuverability.  It gave me something more to think about when I choose my boat
Thanks Pete!  If you come to Tampa/St. Pete be sure and get in touch with me!

(You too loyal followers)


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