Book Review – Overboard! by Michael J. Tougias

Overboard in my amazon bookstore

5 stars out of 5 – I LOVED it

Overboard!: A True Blue-water Odyssey of Disaster and Survival


This is a REAL survival story! (yes, I did notice I started my review with 3 exclamation points!)

This story is nail-biting excitement, worry, action & adventure. It’s not just the story of two sailing ships caught in a storm. It’s not just the story of being thrown overboard and lost in mountainous seas. It’s not even just a story about the rescues. It is all of that, but it’s more. It’s about people. How they think and feel when danger is all around. It’s about courage in the face of certain death. It’s even about death, and dying gracefully knowing you gave it everything you had.

It’s also about how men and women of the coast guard risk their lives to save others.

Bottom line is that this is a great story, written by an author that writes so well you can almost feel you are there. He brings the characters to life, makes us care about them and root for them. I liked the author’s note at the end. It gives a great perspective on why he writes the books he does. He also has several other books that I am definitely putting on my wish list.

Definitely worth reading.


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