Planned work, job interviews, upcoming domain move

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking for a job and interviewing, and not much (OK, any) time working on the sailboat. I think I need to change that and at least get outside some. I’m becoming a little too crabby to be around.

Next project is to get the trailer operational. Here is my plan of attack:

  1. Get the trailer lights working
  2. Take the boat to a boat yard and have them lift it off and store it temporarily (Maybe have the boatyard paint the bottom? $600)
  3. Get a metal shop to lower the keel support (mechanism is completely rusted), this metalwork is a little lot beyond me.
  4. Get the trailer inspected for registration
  5. Go to the MVA and get permanent tags
  6. Haul the boat back home.

I’m also working to move this blog to my own domain. Having a few problems there, and will update you as soon as it’s up.


2 thoughts on “Planned work, job interviews, upcoming domain move

  1. Hugs! I hope you find what you’re looking for soon. Heard the weather’s been mild (as with here – it’s 60degrees today). SO, I hope you have a chance to get out.

    • Thanks Tina, ME TOO!
      Warmest it gets all weekend is 44 F on saturday, but with 70% chance of rain. Don’t think I’ll actually make it outside for long. Maybe I’ll at least walk over and look at it.

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