The Boat Hauler stumbles

Coming home from a .NET computer user group meeting last night, the power steering went out.  Actually, everything went out.  It was an hour drive home and it happened about 3 or 4 minutes from home.  (Lucky me) The truck was still running, just turning was hard.  I was able to pull into the driveway and realized the temp was redlining and the battery charge was zero.  I suspected the serpentine belt had broken, so I promptly went inside.  (It was dark and about 20 [f] degrees! )

This morning I popped the hood and found out the the belt WASN’T broken, just off.  And there is some oil sprayed around.  A pulley was loose too, but Since it had only “warmed” up to about 30 [f] I didn’t probe too deep.  Now a job like this should be something CapnRehab should dive right into, right?  WRONG.  CapnRehab is a warm-weather rehabber.  So – Off to the Garage with you – mister broken truck!

(Note: at 186,000 miles, you expect a few things to break now and then.)

(Note: I alse expect another 120,000 miles!)


Truck heading to garage

Truck heading to garage


10 thoughts on “The Boat Hauler stumbles

    • For me, it makes it IMPOSSIBLE! I’m just a warm-weather guy. It’s supposed to be a high of 57 F saturday, now that’s not warm – but I will get out and do something. Probably rewire the trailer lights.

      • @Pete – I was planning on getting outside, and it sure was a nice day, but nope, wound up writing software all weekend. Barely stepped outside. Sometimes you just have to re-prioritize.
        Wish I would have though. It’s pretty crazy weather now. Saturday it was almost 60 F and sunny, today it’s 32F and snowed an inch.

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