New Years Day Small Projects

It was a great weather yesterday (probably the last nice day before winter really kicks in), so I got outside and did a few things. First, I emptied out the boat. I’ve been focused on family, work and finding a new job lately, so not much has happened on the boat front. Anyway,  the boat went from being full of junk like this.

Junk in forward cabin

Junk in forward cabin

to being revealed in all its rotted splendor:

empty vberth

empty rotted vberth

What I realized is that the boat I paid $350 for is in worse shape than the boat I got for free!  HOWEVER, of the two I want to keep the smaller one for ease of trailering.    So onward in rehab!
sailboat trailer on blocks

sailboat trailer on blocks

Next, I propped up the trailer onto blocks.  No point in having that weight on the tires all winter.  I also scraped a few barnacles off with a piece of wood.   They came ALMOST all the way off.  I can see that re-doing the bottom will take a little research.
Last, I had so much fun with the trailer, I put all 3 of my craigslist mowers on blocks too.  The tire guy I talked to (back when I bought the replacment tires) said that lots of times they go bad when they lose air and then are left with the tire crushed for a while.  It breaks the structure of the tire.   I still have to get the other two working, but little red is in good shape.
(By the way, I can’t stand this default wordpress blog.  They filter out almost all the HTML and I can’t control the formatting.  I’m about to get my own hosted site.  I will let you know how that works)

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