Decision needed

OK, I don’t REALLY need TWO boats do I?  Especially two that are so close in length.

For the foreseeable future I need to stick to  low-buck boating, so I have a looming problem.  Should I keep the boat?  Here are some considerations:

The 23′ sailboat is at a marina where the slip is paid for till march 31.  At that time, I’ll have to come up with $600 to keep it there for the next 6 months.  Then it won’t be a free boat anymore will it?

Since it’s a keel-stepped mast it doesn’t really work that great as a trailer sailor.  That mast will be hard (or impossible) to put up and down.  I’ve seen some people cut the mast and put in some kind of fitting that lets it fold down, but that will cost bucks to do, so I’ll need to keep it in a marina if I keep it.

The 22′ boat is in my shed on a trailer.  I need to get it off to adjust the roller supports to fit the boat.   I don’t have any boat stands or a way to hoist it, but I could put it in the slip where the 23 footer is.  Get the trailer worked on, and then take it back out.  In order to do that, I need the 23 footer gone.

There are a couple of people that advertise on craigslist to take unwanted sailboats.  Maybe it’s the same person.  I’m thinking I could give it to one of them when the title comes in the mail.

I think I’ve talked myself into doing it, what do you think?

NOTE:  I’ve already emptied the potential give-away boat.  Now I have a back-up motor!


4 thoughts on “Decision needed

    • Hmmm. You may be right. It’s crazy to want to give away a boat isn’t it?

      Also, life doesn’t revolve around “Hangin with Friends” on your droid. I played and lost. There. Are you happy?

  1. I think the decision’s been made. No input is needed really. I’d be glad to hold your hand (metaphorically speaking since we are in different states) but you really don’t need it.

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