7.5 hp Mercury Outboard winterized

Oh, how I love craigslist!

I advertized for someone to help/teach me how to winterize my outboard.  I got a few responses from businesses that wanted to do it, one wanted to do it for $200 and then charge me $65 so I could watch.  Another guy just offered to come pick it up.  I passed on all those.  But I got an email from a guy in annapolis that is a mechanic/ship captain that said he’d show me how for $20.  Just the ticket!

I met up with him yesterday evening and we winterized it.  Turns out it’s pretty simple stuff.  I got to get dirty and smelled like an engine when I got home.  Yay!

Also, I’m updating my other pages (O’Day 22, O’Day 23) as I complete stuff on the list.  The winterize portion for the O’Day 22 is complete.  If you notice anything I miss, let me know.

Note for all you that might want to try www.craigslist.com at home.  Be safe.



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