Giligan’s Island

I don’t know how I think up this stuff.

I FINALLY got my Craigslist lawnmower (#1, not nos. 2 & 3) working again.  I’ve now mowed the yard 1 1/2 times with it.  As you may recall, after the first repair and mowing, the tire went flat.  Since then I’ve been struggling to get the tire to reform from the compressed factory shape to a normal tire shape that would allow me to set the bead and inflate it.  After lots of self doubt and ALMOST giving up and taking it to the repair shop, I got the bead to set yesterday and started mowing till I ran out of gas.  Then I flooded the engine trying to restart and had to call it quits because I ran out of daylight.  I SURE hope it starts today.

So, this morning after I woke up and was laying in bed not thinking of anything in particular I started thinking about the mower.  There seems to be some kind of line between doing things for yourself, and having a professional do it.  I used to live next to this guy named George.  He and his buddy Pete (that lived next to him) could do ANYTHING.  I once saw him bring home a volkswagon beetle, reduce it to its parts, extend the frame, and then put together an awesome dune buggy from it.  Welding, plumbing, fiberglass, wood – he was invincible.  One of these guys is very handy to know.

On the other end of the spectrum are people that can’t (and don’t want) to do anything.   The problem with this approach is if you pay for everything to be done, eventually you’ll have to limit what you do because you run out of money.  (unless you’re uber rich – which I’m not)

As I was failing with the tire mower, I was questioning myself.  I had never done something like this, and informative youtube videos only take you so far.  At one point, I thought I had damaged the rim of the tire.  I really thought I was going to have to take it to a shop or even buy a new tire ($50 for one tire!).  But I kept at it, and finally succeeded.  BUT, how do you know when to quit?  It would really help to know before you try something that it’s too big a project for you.  One of the things I worry about a lot when I dig into something new is will I break it and make the problem worse.

So THEN, I connected that train of thought with Giligan’s Island.  My sisters and I watched a lot of Giligan’s Island as kids.  Bear with me, these observations are not drawn on recent viewings. There are people like the millionaires that have everything done for them and use money instead.  Next is Ginger who uses her looks to get what she wants.  Then there is the skipper who is somewhat capable, but he tries things and they never really work.  Then Mary-Anne who is fairly practical in what will or won’t work, and not afraid to get her hands dirty.  The professor of course can build anything.  Then there is Giligan.  There he is right in the middle of things.  Most of the time he screws things up, but he means well.  He’s not afraid to try.  He always does his best.

I think there is a little of all these characters in us, waiting to get out.  That’s probably what made the show so popular.

However, I don’t think I get too many things on my looks alone.  So my inner Ginger doesn’t get much air time.


2 thoughts on “Giligan’s Island

  1. He was never on the show but if you have to go for looks use your inner Donny (Osmond). Personally I think you rate a Professor rating with a side of Gilligan. But then I’m biased.

    • Thanks sis, love ya! We sure watched a lot of stupid TV sitcoms growing up. It’s amazing we can even function, and probably has a lot to do with my sarcastic sense of humor!

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