Getting closer – preparing a place to work

Prepping my work space

Prepping my work space

I’m on vacation the whole week!  Thanksgiving week and the family is all coming (Yay!).  Daughter and hubby are already here, my two boys arrive from college Thanksgiving day.
I spent yesterday working to set up a workspace.    I wish I would have thought to take a before picture, but here is a shot of the corn-crib almost clean.  It was a mess, and SOOO dusty!  AND full of stink bugs – did you know they really stink? – go figure.  It was so full I couldn’t even walk through this first room.  I removed 2 p/u truckloads of old corn cobs and junk.  Yucky job.  BUT, I get to cross off an item on the repair list.
Today I plan to go to the marina to visit the 23′ boat, and to clear brush around the new corn crib (Henceforth to be known as the “Shop”) in preparation for getting electricity run to it.  It used to have power, so there is a telephone pole at the corner of the building.
It is a pain how many jobs lie ahead before I can even begin doing actual rehab.

2 thoughts on “Getting closer – preparing a place to work

  1. Have a good week off, I’m heading to see the parents on Wednesday. I’m sitting here writing a blog post on my progress as we speak. Way to keep it up, I’m sure you’ll have a lot to write about with all your projects coming up!

    • Thanks Pete. Thanksgiving is such a great family oriented Holiday. It’s my favorite. Today was great, I got to see posts from lots of blogs I’m following – (but I didn’t see one from you?….)

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