O’Day 23 Clean out

I met my friend Wayne down at the marina this afternoon.  My main purpose in going to today was to inventory and see what I needed to go sailing.

Most of the ropes are stiff and dried out, but I think still useable.  They all probably need to be replaced.  We pulled up the main sail about half way, but it was very hard to pull up.  Since it was getting dark, I didn’t want to pull too hard and break something. There are these little tabs on the sail that fit into the mast.  They didnt’ seem to be sliding too well.  Is there some kind of spray I should use to help it slide up the mast?

self furling jib mechanism

self furling jib mechanism

We unfurled the jib, and it’s in tatters. I’ll have to replace it for sure. Good thing I have a spare sailboat and can use the jib from it.  We were there about two hours, and this is the only picture I thought to take.  Look at that cable with red coating on it ending in a very rusted piece of metal curved almost into a “C”.  What the heck is that?

Cleaned out the interior and brought home everything that wasn’t nailed down. Pulled out all the cushions, most are shot and were full of water. I think I’ll only be able to use them for patterns. Only one was missing – the full length bunk on the port side. I brought them all home to dry them out.

We also tried to raise the pop top, but it only went up a little ways.  There is a canvas boot around the mast, and it had been duck taped to the mast to keep water out.  I’ll have to replace that boot too.

Lots of mold inside, a good power washing and some bleach should take care of that.  All of the stowage covers are plywood, and they all seem wet, soggy and slightly rotten.  I’m thinking I’ll replace them with HDPE at some point.

There was a tiny lame paddle.  Not sure what good that would do if both the sails and the engine didn’t work?  Is a paddle even needed?

There is also a hole in the fiberglass in the gunwhale where a cleat ripped out.  I taped it over to keep the rain out, but it will need a fiberglass patch on it.  (Oh boy, my first fiberglass repair!)

Here is what I think I need to do to go day sailing.

  1. replace jib
  2. get gas in tank
  3. get required emergency items (flares, day signal, life jackets, throw ring)
  4. porta potty
  5. move tiller from O’Day 22 to this one
  6. go sailing!

Here are some projects that won’t prevent me from sailing, but ought to be done:

  1. Patch hole
  2. power wash inside, then bleach
  3. replace covers
  4. replace all lines
  5. replace gasket under pop top
  6. replace pop top boot around mast

2 thoughts on “O’Day 23 Clean out

    • Thanks for the link Erick, Looks like cleaning with mineral spirits or alchohol either by going up in a Bosun’s chair (best, but I don’t have one) or using the halyard to haul up a cleaning slug. Then if still hard to pull up use McLube on both the track and the sail slugs. Looks like another item to add to the repair lists!

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