is a wonderful thing!

Thanks to the good folks on the forum at I understand how my sailboat is supposed to fit on my trailer.

Gap between trailer rollers and hull

Gap between trailer rollers and hull

I didn’t think it was supposed to have this gap between the rollers and the hull so I posted a question on the forum.

After a somewhat dim-witted exchange on my part, they finally got through to me that my trailer has an adjustment to lower the keel and let the hull rest on the roller supports.

Adjustable keel support

Also, when my friend Eric was over here this weekend helping me with the mast, (more on that next post) he pointed out that the trailer tags I just got expire this month!  I hadn’t even noticed.  Again being somewhat dim-witted, I finally realized that I was given tags that expire quickly so that I could take it to get it inspected before I get a longer term tag.

So now I have a challenge I didn’t know I had.  I thought I could leave the boat on the trailer and work on it, but now I need to

  • get the boat off the trailer so I can adjust that keel support
  • get the rusty screw adjustments working (I probably need to take it to a shop)
  • fit the keel height for the boat to set on the trailer right
  • take the trailer and get the inspection, preferably before the tags expire
  • put the boat back on the trailer and back in the shed

I wonder what I’m going to do?  Suggestions & comments welcome.