Craigslist – oh Craigslist

I have a love-hate relationship with .  It’s almost a certainty that you know about it.  It’s where anybody that want to sell anything can go on and post a description and a few pictures of something they have – and if the price is low enough to make it a bargain, sell it.  It’s also a place where as a buyer where you can help those poor sellers get rid of their stuff by paying good money and cluttering up your house/garage/yard/etc.

I troll craigslist like a fisherman seeking another trophy in his favorite lake.  It’s just amazing the stuff you can get there.  Bargains too, sometimes people don’t care about the price, they just want to get rid of something.   I found some really great stuff!  For instance, my current job, the place I currently live, the furniture set in my bedroom, the furniture set in my living room, my treadmill, my wife’s elliptical, and on and on… I LOVE CRAIGSLIST!

I also get projects.   My current boat project, my other boat project, and my THREE riding lawnmowers.  Oh, didn’t I mention I have three riding lawnmowers?  Doesn’t everyone?  On the farm we just moved to, I have about an acre of grass to mow.  So I went to my go-to bargain place and started trolling for lawnmowers.  (Actually, the “farm/garden” category – makes sense – live on a farm, get farm stuff – right?)  I found a guy selling a lawnmower for $140 bucks.  The picture showed the body in great shape, and other used ones were selling for $600.  After talking to him, he mentioned the motor runs but the deck wouldn’t adjust to mow, something on it was set up wrong.  (Can you smell bargain?)  I went to get it and the motor wouldn’t start so he dropped the price another $20.  I bought it, brought it home, took off the mower deck, fiddled with it an hour or so, replaced the battery and voila!  Mowed the yard.

The I saw another ad.  2 riding mowers for $50!  I’ll make that story really short.  I bought them too.  The guy selling them felt so bad about unloading them on me he gave me $20 back, so I got them for $15 apiece.  I bought batteries for both, but right now they’re shed ornaments and still don’t run.

Back to the first mower.  Tire went flat beyond repair and the starter gear broke.  I replaced the gear and the motor starts runs fine again.  I bought a new tire online (Total cost for the mower about $250 at this point)  I put the tire on yesterday, but currently am having trouble getting it to form correctly to seat on the rim so I can fill it up with air.  There must be some trick to it I can’t find on youtube.

Craigslist Riding Mower projects

Craigslist Riding Mower projects

So now I have 3 riding lawnmowers that don’t work, and 2 sailboats I can’t sail and plenty of projects to stay busy.  I’m really a software engineer and most of the time I muddle through the next step of whatever mechanical disaster I’ve set up for myself to rehab.  Thanks a lot craigslist.  Did I mention  I HATE CRAIGSLIST!

See what I mean?


3 thoughts on “Craigslist – oh Craigslist

  1. Thanks a lot mom. Now I need to buy a new fire extinguisher for the boat. It turns out fire extinguishers kept on boats are also useful for putting out riding lawnmower tires when they’re on fire. Apparently the tire has to be almost set before this method works. This one is brand new and apparently squished for shipping. I’m trying a different approach. I’m still somewhat confident I can get the tire on without burning down the house (I’m guessing 85% probability?). Good thing the wife is out of town.

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