I now have a second sailboat!

Here she is, a 1972 O’Day 23 pop-top:

My new (to me) O'Day 23
My new (to me) O’Day 23

I’m now the proud owner of a second sailboat in need of repair!  I’m a little amazed at myself.  I’m not sure why I NEEDed a second sailboat.  (My wife isn’t sure either)  Sometimes a progression of things happen and at the end of them, you wind up somewhere you didn’t start out to get.  Now, in my defense – I didn’t BUY another boat.  She was given to me by the previous owner.  He was given the boat and found out he wasn’t that interested in sailing, so 3 years later he gave it to me.

A very interesting tidbit he told me was that the boat used to be owned by Charlie Byrd.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Byrd    In the wikpedia entry it says In 1973 Byrd moved to Annapolis, Maryland,  and under “Personal life it says “He loved sailboating, and owned a twenty-six foot boat called “I’m Hip” that he sailed to various parts of the world. ”  Anyway, the timing works out so the story could be true.  This wouldn’t be “I’m Hip” because it’s too short, but it could have been an earlier boat.

This boat is (obviously) in the water, although not in sail condition.  Her insides are pretty moldy but she does have cusions that look like they will clean up pretty well.  Her bottom looks gunky and her sails are shot, and all the lines and sheets look like they need to be replaced.  She has a swing keel, and I tried to crank the handle, but it seemed stuck, and I didn’t want to break anything so I didn’t push too hard.   She also has a hole in her gunwhale where a cleat ripped out.  The deck seems to have some soft spots too. I looked at the underside, but there wasn’t any noticeable cause. I think that is causing most of the water inside.  Even though she is only 1 foot longer than my ’22, she seems so much bigger inside.

Well, I have quite a job cut out for me.  (two boats, what was I thinking?)  I’m looking for another trailer now.

Do you think it would be better to work on both sailboats at the same time?  Maybe I should get one in minimum sail condition, and keep the other at home to work on?  Comments or advice appreciated as always!


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