Winterizing continued – outboard

OK, wordpress is really pissing me off.  I can’t make it do a simple thing like insert a line break, or break into multiple paragraphs.  Sorry if this post looks bad.  It was originally much longer.  Also, the published post doesn’t really look like the edit I’m working in.  VERY annoying.
    • If some of what I do seems wrong, hey, cut me some slack – I’m learning as I go.  Also, comments arereally good – I LOVE comments.  And followers.  (Click the Follow button at the bottom right of the page)
    • I know I need to winterize the outboard. On reading the manual, it says if you’re going to not use it a while then unplug the gas while it’s running and let it run out. So today, I set up a bucket with water and started it up, unplugged the gas, and let it run till it ran out of gas on its own. It took a long time! I guess it’s pretty efficient.
    • I also put an ad on craigslist to see if I could find someone to teach me about winterizing and maintenance. I know I can figure it out from books, but maybe I can take a short cut and get some good guidance. We’ll see.
    • When the motor shut off I was left with a nasty looking bucket of water – yuck! I hope
      this is not the standard output of outboard motors and that when it’s tuned up
      it won’t be dumping this in the Chesapeake bay.
Winterizing Motor

Winterizing Motor

Dirty motor water

Dirty motor water


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